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Adams Park Community Center/Herber Hoover Boys and Girls Club

In 2001, WUMC funded the construction of the $6 million Adams Park Community Center. It was established to further support positive after-school and summer programs for Forest Part Southeast youth. The state-of-the-art facility includes a computer lab, dance studio, weight room, teen center, full size gymnasium, and adjacent baseball field.

In order to further expand programming and services, in 2007 Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club was engaged to help direct the operations of the center. Herbert Hoover provides programming that covers five core areas: Character & Leadership Development; Education & Career Development; The Arts; Health and Life Skills; and Sports, Fitness, and Recreation. Youth members of the Boys & Girls Club at Adams Park will have access to activities at the north Grand campus, including free dental services. Clarkson EyeCare has agreed to establish a free vision care program at Adams Park Community Center. Flint Fowler, Executive Director of Herbert Hoover, stated “The staff and board are looking forward to establishing a productive and long-term relationship with the residents of Forest Park Southeast.”

If you have questions or would like additional information please call Flint Fowler or Debra Harris at (314) 652-8300.

WUMC continues to support the operations of the center and is committed to offering FPSE youth the most expansive and innovative programming available.

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